About Us


Nepal's healthcare landscape has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the emergence of the country's foremost Health Aggregator. With a commitment to modernizing and simplifying healthcare access, this innovative platform has become a cornerstone in Nepal's quest for comprehensive and convenient medical services.

Company Overview

Founded on the principles of accessible and holistic healthcare, our Health Aggregator is at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare services in Nepal. Offering a diverse range of online healthcare solutions, we cater to the needs of individuals and families across the nation.

Coverage Area

Our services extend across eight major cities in Nepal, ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds and regions can benefit from our comprehensive healthcare solutions. We're committed to reaching every corner of Nepal with the best in medical care.

Services Offered

Physical Doctor Booking

Easily schedule appointments with trusted healthcare professionals in just a few clicks.

Tele Doctor Consultation

Connect with licensed doctors via audio calls, ensuring timely and expert medical advice.

Virtual Doctor Consultation

Access specialized medical expertise from the comfort of your home, Connect with licensed doctors via video calls.

Lab Testing at Home

Bringing diagnostics to your doorstep, we ensure you can get essential tests done without leaving your home.

International Doctor Consultation

Facilitating consultations with renowned international specialists to address complex healthcare needs.

Medicine Delivery at Home

Ensuring you receive prescribed medications at your doorstep promptly.